Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hot hot hot!

Working for pleasure in a shed with a torch and a kiln running at 500 degrees Celsius, hmmmmm let me re-phrase that. Admiring the beautiful sunshine from the coolest room in the house wishing I had made even more beads while it was cooler :)

Now don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine, but all this heat and pollen is taking me back to my school days, everyone wanting lessons outside while I would crave to stay cool inside and hide from the pollen, and the pollen is particularly bad at the moment. To top it all I have volunteered to stand in a field for two days in an attempt to sell my jewellery (at a local agricultural show), I had plans to make some sculptural animal and only got as far a a cows head, a sheep and a few chickens, had it been cooler I may have ventured into the animal world more enthusiastically, but its a start.

Some pictures for you to see of some recent work and some newly listed beads on my website.

For those who worship this weather, enjoy. For those of you who tolerate it keep cool and keep taking the tablets!