Sunday 8 December 2013

The Finale

After much thought and deliberationI have come to the very hard decision that  Saturday 14th December will be my last Craft fair not only for this year but the foreseeable future.
A a gesture of good will I am selling all my Dichroic Glass earrings, cufflinks and pendants at a reduction of 30% on the day.
I will continue to take commissions on lampwork beads and Jewellery and you may find my beads on Etsy from time to time.
In the meantime may I thanks all my loyal customers for their support and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday 25 November 2013


Quick update of my fairs in December.
Only 2 left this year.

7th December 2013 - The Marquee in the Priory Grounds at Much Wenlock- Free entry
14th December 2013. The Square, Shrewsbury Town Centre. Open air Market. Free to browse. 30 plus stalls of Shropshire Artisan Crafts and Food.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Setting Myself a Challenge

Another MEGA Set

I have been working with some new glass to me Reichenbach which I recently purchased from Caroline at Beadbug

I am pretty happy with this set, the brown is a lovely chocolate brown which has a lustre which is produced by very subtle striking. 
The red Coral is one of the nicest Reds I have found-no mucky brown streaks and the iris yellow is a perfect straw colour which has a very subtle sheen when lightly re introduced to the flame.

I have listed the glass used here for those wanting to have a play.

RW0069 Coral Red

RW222Tobacco Light

RW0107 Iris Opal Yellow

Here are some photographs of the beads I have produced.

Monday 26 November 2012

One more fair to go in 2012

After a long and exhausting weekend at a Local Medieval craft fair I am winding down for the festive season to spend some much needed time with my family. I have one last craft fair on 8th December in the Square in Shrewsbury town centre where I will have a fantastic array of jewellery, in particular there are earrings of every colour imaginable in both dichroic and lampwork, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and cuff links.
Wishing you all a happy festive season. X

Sunday 14 October 2012

Crazy season or is it?

Good evening.
After having recovered from a cold and windy day standing outside with my vast array of jewellery I have decided to try and keep up to date with my website. So today I have been painstakingly uploading images of my jewellery onto my aged computer. Keeping up with technology is so expensive and it is painful waiting to see if the image that looks very reasonable on your camera screen is good enough for viewing on the computer. My verdict- they will do for now (the images are far from perfect). Thankfully I can say my jewellery more beautiful in real than on a computer screen.
Here is some of my recent work.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Still Here

Well I'm still here making beads but being a tad too lazy to upload them onto my website (a long story).
Life seems so much more hectic now the children are grown up (and I always thought it should get easier as they came out of their teens) I am working more hours to pay for the ever increasing bills so less time for my passion of creating my glass beads. Saying that I have quite a stash of beads and will be at Stourbridge Bead fair at the end of August in the Bonded Warehouse  on a stall with my beads and jewellery to buy. There will definately be some bargins to be had.
I do hope you can pop by and say hello.
Best wishes
Pam xx

Sunday 20 May 2012

Having Trouble with my Website

I have been beavering away trying to keep to my promise to put new beads on my website, all was going well until I had a transfer critical error message. So the beads are ready but I am not able to list them.
I have a preview for you of the aforementioned beads...

So you can see I have been busy but now I have another challenge, to get my site fixed or create a new site. The trouble is I have an old version of Dreamweaver and an old computer so things aren't looking too good at the moment.
While I am here I also wanted to share with you a piece of storage that I recently bought for my glass rods.  I am so pleased with it and it helps my workspace to look so much less cluttered. I still have some glass in pots but these are ones I am using with each project.

The 70 section storage unit was a custom order from 
it is perfect for storing rods and the arrived so quickly. I painted the outer casing.