Tuesday, 23 February 2010

At last Time for making Beads

Well its been a strange start to the year, I think this is only the third session I have had making beads this year and I feel so deprived. The day job has taken over somewhat but at least that pays the bills so I should be grateful. I have some new beads to put on my website tomorrow evening , but here is a quick preview. Off to have a jolly good tidy up of the studio and maybe treat you to some pictures of my work space.
Now off look after poorly teenager, she has had such a bad cold which has gone on and on and really knocked her about. Tea and toast in bed I think.


  1. These are sooo pretty!
    I can't wait for 7pm....

    Really sorry though to hear about the shop flooding. I do hope the story has a happy ending. Hugs, Naomi x

  2. Thanks Naomi.
    On the shope front, we are still looking for an empty shop but its so time consuming when there are 50+ co-operative members to consider. Fingers crossed.