Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello Again

Once agian I feel I need to apologise for my absence.Unfortunately working almost full time and family does not allow me to keep up with all the housekeeping both in the home and craft wise. I have been quietly working in the background but of course finding time to update post, website etc has been neglected. I have been working on a few different ideas with my beads which I will share with you when the weathe improves for the photography ( oh and my daughter returns my camera from her visit to Milan). I have made some fused glass pictures ready for an exhibition and I am also in the process of tidying my studio (an impossible task I tell you), How to folk keep their work space so tidy when they are creating, I feel I need an extension to my already fairly large shedio :) My husband is constantly nagging me to tidy my workspace and throw out what I no longer need, but I am sure you will understand that you never know when something you have in your stash will be just the thing you are looking for in a creation...... I'm not very good at being told what to do either..... Oops there's a confession. I am just about to brave this very unforgiving deluge and see that the final firing has to offer. Thank you for popping by. Pam x

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  1. Hi Pamela...
    thanks so much for visiting my blog...and your lovely comments too :o)

    I don't have a shop to sell my cards but if you see any you like just leave me a message or email me hun...:o)

    hope you are having a nice evening...and the weather is so awful :o(

    big hugs Vicky xx